CloudFormation Scripts on GitHub

By Malcolm van Staden on 18th April 2020

I've started working on refreshing my library of Cloud Formation scripts, to date they have been disjointed bits of code all around my hard drive. So to make a start I'm commiting these to GitHub and sharing them with you all in hopes you may find them useful. The two I have published are the ones I use most often, but as I write more up I'll be publishing them on my GitHib - so give me a follow :)

VPC - a simple VPC creation CF script. This will create a 3 tier subnet structure (Public-, Private- and Database-subnets) across 3 AZs. This will also create the supporting infra in the VPC such as the route tables, security groups, an Internet Gateway and optionally a bastion server running Amazon Linux 2. I use this CF script often to quickly stand up VPCs for either testing or prod.

LAMP - a Linux Apache MySQL PHP server CF script. Deploys an Amazon Linux 1 instance into an existing VPC and installs MySQL, Apache and PHP. I use this for all my web servver projects.

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