My Appzzz

Here are some of the apps I have built, flagship products are highlighted:

App What does it do? Why? Domain Redirections I was buying up domains for my side projects and needed a way to redirect them to various servers, APIs, forms etc.
  Certificate Monitor SSL certificate expiration monitoring Keeping on top of my SSL certs was a chore, cert providers systems didn't alert accurately so I created my own.
  Feedbacksy Anonymous real time comments and feedback I needed a way to get anonymous real time comments and feedback from my teams. Existing systems weren't transparent with the comments - this one is! Fitness and health tracking To create a consolidated view of fitness, health, workout and nutrition information.
(Currently in closed beta) URL shortener with analytics Experimental application for in-line analytics.
  QR Bounce Dynamic QR Code with analytics I needed to generate dynamic QR codes with the ability to change the URL after the QR code was printed. Analytics were required to track scanning.
  TiniPoll Conduct online polls Pandemic boredom. Tought me how to scale and work with Stripe however.

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